Best Software Development Company In Bangladesh


Best Software Development Company In Bangladesh

Howlader Technology is one of the best software development firm in Bangladesh. We inaugurated our journey at Bangladesh in 1997. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced software developers who are expert in all kind of software solution. Within a shortest possible time Howlader Technology has become one of the best software Development Company in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We were capable of drawing the client’s attention to modernize their business by providing software solution for business operation. Howlader Technology gathered reputation from national and international clients. We are proud of our national and international clients who are getting service from us. Secure, efficient and effective software development is the main goal of Howlader Technology. We also emphasize that we are the best IT firm in Bangladesh. Why??? We believe truthfulness and punctuality are the key to success. Our passion for what we do and our dedication while we do it helps us deliver quality products within tight schedules. Our commitment is to provide quality product extent to the level of maximum customer satisfaction. Our dynamic and professional developers are able to develop software realizing the business process, software requirement specification and security management. Through our dedication and works we have reached in the list of top ten software firms in Chittagong. We strictly follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our experienced, skilled and talented team is always ready to satisfy you with our eye catching and mind blowing task. Take a look what we do…………………………

Desktop application development skills

Which language and tools we use to develop software?

For Which Industry We Developed Software?
1.Government Sector
2.Bank And Financial Institution
3.Medical And Hospital Sector
4.Oil Sector
5.Manufacturing Companies
6.Multinational Companies
7.Garments And Textile Sector
8.Telecom Industries
9.Export And Import Processing Sector
10.Insurance Sector
11.Education Sector

How we can Maintain Quality?
# Howlader Technology follows Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
# Proper Customer Requirement Specification(CRS)
# use of Software Requirement Specification(SRS)
# Rules Software Design & Development(SDD)
# Howlader Technology follows Total Quality Management(TQM)
# Use of Product Query Documentation(PQD)
# Effective Software Methodology(ESM)
# Software Re-Engineering for the purpose of enhancement
# Actual Scenario Testing(AST)
# Customer Solution Testing(CST)
# Trial period before going to Live work.
# Individual Schedule for Analysis, Design, Coding & Testing

Our Most selling software's features:
Payroll Management
# Timecard Entry
# Multi state, Multi-locality And Multi-Job Processing
# Job Cost And General Ledger Integration
# Certified Payroll
# EEO And Benefit/Deduction Reporting Date-Sensitive / Historical Reporting
# Standard Payroll Reports
# Security Controlls
# Direct Deposit
# Distinguish Between Costs
# Record-Keeping
# Streamlining
# Employee Information
# Company Information
# Attendance Bonus
# Salary Grade
# Shift Schedules
# Leave, Fixed Bonus
# Designation Bonus
# Weekly Allowance
# Entry System

# Increment